Return to Orton with Old Herbaceous

Date: Friday 14th October 2016

ANYONE who enjoyed The Professor of Adventure at Orton market hall in April will be pleased to hear that Peter Macqueen is returning there at the end of this month with another one-man show, Old Herbaceaous.

This is described by Peter as “Downton Abbey with gardening tips” and it was performed at the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, and then toured with Highlights a few years ago to great reviews.

Peter gives a touching and gentle portrayal of veteran gardener Herbert Pinnegar in Reginald Arkell’s story of a man looking back over his life and over English rural social history. Old Herbaceous, to give Herbert his nickname, is, at times, charming, crochety, stubborn and given to flashes of humour and, as he tells his stories, his hands are always working — potting plants, eating oranges and drinking tea.

Sown with seeds of gardening wisdom, memories and tales of a bygone era, Old Herbaceous is a charming love story and a humorous portrayal of a single-minded, yet gentle, man with a passion for plants.

It will be performed at Orton market hall on Friday, 28th October. Tickets are available on 01539 624732, at or from Orton Village Store.