Shopwatch scheme leads to arrests

Date: Saturday 8th August 1998

KESWICK police have praised the work of the town’s Shopwatch scheme after officers arrested three people on Wednesday on charges of shoplifting.

They recovered £3,800 worth of goods after the arrests, including items which are believed to have been taken from shops in Keswick, Workington, Carlisle and Dumfries.

The Shopwatch scheme has been operating in the town for a number of years and involves shopkeepers who spot anybody acting suspiciously contacting the police.


They then begin a “snowball” by contacting organisers of Shopwatch who, in turn, contact two or three other shops in the chain until all shops are notified with a description of the suspects.

A police spokesman said: “The Shopwatch scheme is very successful. There are few shoplifters who manage to get out of Keswick undetected.”

Police also arrested two youths last Thursday on suspicion of shoplifting and they are helping police with their inquiries.