An open goal for Brexit Party?

Date: Monday 12th August 2019

I AGREE with Mike McKone’s letter (Herald, 6th August). Given that Rory Stewart was appointed by the Conservative Association as its candidate for this constituency, then his position on Brexit and his intentions if we are unable to negotiate a new exit deal raises several questions.

Does the association support Rory’s stance on Brexit when the referendum result within this constituency was 55 per cent in favour of Brexit?

If Boris Johnson fails to achieve a new deal and leaves without a deal, this is likely to result in a general election called at short notice and Rory has stated that he will not stand as the Conservative candidate in this situation.

Does the association intend to do anything about selecting a new Conservative candidate for such a scenario before it is too late?

Otherwise Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party could have an open goal if the association decides to do nothing, splitting the Conservative vote in what is presently regarded as a “safe” seat.


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