Crucial manifesto pledges being ignored

Date: Monday 13th May 2019

WHILE it is certain that some of the voters in the constituency may be basking in the reflected glory of seeing another local MP elevated to a senior post in a Conservative Party government (Herald, 4th May), I suspect there may be more than a few who wonder why their MP is so determined to ignore the crucial components of the manifesto on which he was re-elected in 2017.

Some 53.30 per cent voted to leave the EU in 2016 in Eden district, and 60 per cent voted for Mr Stewart in the constituency in the general election of 2017, on a Conservative Party manifesto which specifically ruled out Britain’s membership of the customs union of the EU.

Looked at reasonably, 82 per cent of the British electorate voted for the two major parties which had both pledged to respect the referendum result, specifically including in the Conservative Party’s manifesto no further membership of the customs union, the single market or any jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

I’m curious to know why Mr Stewart believes that he has any honest political legitimacy for advocating British membership of the EU customs union in spite of the very clear mandates which his constituents have given him — twice.

The recent local election results should have communicated a message from the voters to our MPs. I wonder if they are listening. The next, unwanted, elections for the European Parliament on 23rd May will hopefully reinforce the message which we thought we’d sent back in June, 2016.

Will they listen? I doubt it, and I’m starting to wonder why we bother with the tedious procedures which we pretend are a part of our longstanding parliamentary democracy.

If our elected representatives can so cheerfully ignore our expressed wishes, we are simply pretending that we have a genuine democracy. They certainly are pretending that they represent us, and it looks like they can carry on doing so.


Beacon Edge,