Paul’s amazing journey

Date: Monday 12th August 2019

I READ and reread your article “Learning to live with an unquiet mind” (Herald, 3rd August). Thank you for publishing Paul Donald’s account of living with bipolar affective disorder.

What an amazing journey Paul had to reach a diagnosis and an explanation of his condition. How he managed to live with the mood swings and intrusive thoughts while working in London is quite incredible.

Paul is honest, open and articulate in his account; a brave thing, but necessary for others to learn that there is help available today.

It may be that someone else is struggling and hiding their condition from family and friends, and perhaps, they too could read An Unquiet Mind by an American doctor who also had bipolar disorder. This book was a turning point for Paul.

I am so pleased that the Herald’s #notalone campaign has been highlighted by this thought provoking article. Congratulations to Paul Donald on such an interesting and helpful piece and I wish him all the best in his role as a town councillor. Penrith will be an even better place with Paul’s input.


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