Result as perishable as fresh fish in the sunshine

Date: Monday 15th April 2019

JOHN Warmingham (Herald, 6th April) once again demonstrates his gift for grasping the wrong end of the stick.

No-one doubts that 1066 happened or that as a result of it came the harrying of the North, William the Conqueror’s genocidal attacks on the north of England. Hardly an event worth celebrating.

No-one doubts that 1666 happened. But was the Great Fire of London a universally applauded conflagration? 2016 happened and the nation triggered a potentially catastrophic set of repercussions after expressing a simple yes or no answer to a question of alarming complexity.

Over the last three years it has become clear to a Leave voter like me that the referendum was ill conceived because it didn’t insist on a substantial majority and asked the wrong question.

It was corrupted in its execution by lies and illegality. Its result was as perishable as fresh fish in the sunshine.

Three years down the road the electorate’s demography has significantly altered. We as a nation are much better informed about possible outcomes. The integrity or otherwise of Leave voters is now irrelevant.

A confirmatory referendum is democratically essential. As a reformed Leave voter I do not fear another referendum. What do those anti-voters fear? An excess of democracy? Or perhaps losing by a substantial margin? Now that demonstrates a lack of integrity.


Town End Farm,