Rory will have my vote as an Independent

Date: Monday 9th September 2019

AS one who has never voted Conservative, belonging rather more to the left-leaning liberal wing, I wish to offer my wholehearted support to Rory Stewart and assure him that if he stands in any election as an Independent he will have my vote.

His cogent arguments, often expressed in the Herald, for why Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement should have been passed and why a second referendum/people’s vote would actually not solve the problem as it would lead to a demand for a third, persuade me that his stance is correct.

The unelected Prime Minister and his cabinet are ideologues who voted three times against leaving the EU.

Our MP has now been punished unnecessarily and unreasonably for a stance which is less extreme than those who chose to scupper the previous government’s deal.

Of course I voted to remain in the EU, but I largely accept that to do so would now be too divisive.

As another Tory grandee sacked from the party, Ken Clarke, said last night, a “soft” Brexit is the logical outcome to all of this whereby we leave the EU while maintaining relevant links and ties to many of its institutions which we have always supported.


Garth House,