Take a look at MP’s parliamentary record

Date: Monday 8th July 2019

LAST weekend I saw various letters giving effusive praise to Rory Stewart MP for various reasons, mostly concerned with his efforts to become our Prime Minister.

Just for the record, I didn’t see any congratulations for his voting record in Parliament.

He voted a number of times for use of UK troops abroad in conflicts which offered no threat to the UK. He voted against investigation into the illegal Iraq war. He voted against the right to remain for EU nationals already working in the UK — this has a bearing on the service industry and NHS in Cumbria. He voted against reviews into the welfare system and against removing the bedroom tax. He voted against the funding of illness and disability correctly.

The list of his voting can be checked more deeply in the various publications available from Parliament. Ask anyone who’s looking for help and understanding, on a zero hours contract or who needs to use a food bank about Rory Stewart and you’re a lot less likely to hear the sycophantic opinions of the Tory faithful.