True scale being masked?

Date: Monday 8th April 2019

WHILE Jeremy Godwin’s points of discussion are usually well thought out, he is far too complacent about climate change.

He states that had there been no Industrial Revolution we do not know whether the climate would not have changed as it has, although he does concede that our actions have had an effect on the climate.

However, his inference is that some of the climate change is due to natural sources, i.e. solar influences. This has been true in the past but if that is the cause then all layers of the atmosphere grow warmer.

The present situation is that the upper layers are cooling and the lower layers are growing warmer due to the blanket of CO2 and other greenhouse gases sealing heat in.

Even if Jeremy’s argument was correct, the most foolish thing to do in a natural warming event would be to pump CO2 into the atmosphere, increasing the effect.

Instead it may be that the natural conditions are masking the true scale of our profligacy and if they change we could be faced with a catastrophic breakdown of the conditions that sustain our lives.

In any event the more we do now to halt the rise in global temperatures the better the lives of people in the future.


Clifford Close,