Visitors provide a breath of fresh air

Date: Monday 8th April 2019

HAVING just endured a month of “night shifts” in the lambing shed here at Brougham and exhausted from months of reading letters to the editor in your worthy publication about the Penrith masterplan, the A66 and Brexit I needed some fresh air.

Thursday, 28th March, was a particularly wonderful spring day. I was sitting quietly on the banks of the Eamont when I spied a pair of sand martins feeding as they flew.

Having kept unofficial records for 60 years this is very early indeed. Normally they would appear around 10th April.

Those two will not stay here and they will move north, but they are the promise of the many more that will follow and nest here during the summer months.

Something to look forward to: a breath of fresh air indeed.


Brougham Castle,Brougham.