Pooley Bridge's final countdown

Date: Wednesday 2nd September 2020

The final countdown for the opening of Pooley Bridge is on.

It will officially open at the end of October and this weekend saw a key milestone reached as work began to lay 301 engraved paving stones, bought by visitors and locals, across the two footways on either side of the road crossing.

The project has raised over £50,000 which has enabled the village to establish a community fund to help fund projects and causes that benefit the community and village life.

People have user the stones to mark proposals, weddings and other memorable family events, to immortalise loved ones and reproducing family mottos - including one that says "As you wish".

The first of the two footways complete with half of the pavers will open to pedestrians in the middle of this month, following the removal of the temporary footbridge which has connected the two sides of the valley while construction on the new permanent bridge has been underway.

The temporary footbridge will shut on 7th September and be removed totally in the following days.

Between 7th and 12th September there will be no access at all across the River Eamont at Pooley Bridge.

Both footways featuring all 301 pavers and the road crossing are still on schedule to open late next month.

It's been nearly five years since the old Pooley Bridge collapsed into the River Eamont in the hours following Storm Desmond and work started 12 months ago by Cumbria County Council on its replacement.