Laurie rides from dusk until dawn in successful off-road ride

Date: Wednesday 13th August 2014
Laurie Lambeth
Laurie Lambeth

EXTREME cyclist Laurie Lambeth has completed a hat-trick of Everesting challenges, the latest being completed off-road in almost from dusk until dawn.

A member of the Beacon Wheelers club, Laurie has joined a global craze through which riders attempt to scale the equivalent height of Everest almost 30,000ft in one continuous hilly journey.

He pedalled up and down Great Dun Fell, between Penrith and Appleby, 15 times earlier in the summer and registered that successful trek on-line to “claim” the peak. This verified ride of 140 miles took just over 15 hours to complete.

Laurie, of Nenthead, then claimed the formidable Hardknott Pass in the Lake District.

The “vicious” climb, which includes gradients of more than 30 per cent., saw him cover 85 miles during 30 climbs in just under 13 hours.

A third Everesting challenge was completed on Sunday. He rode 160 miles on an off-road woodland fire track, Chapel House wood climb, near Newby Bridge. Almost 17 hours in the saddle began at 6-20am and did not finish until after 11pm.

The Lake District hill raises 430ft with views over lake Windermere. He tackled it 68 times and climbed a total of 29,232ft.

Laurie believes this is the first off-road Everest logged in the UK and “possibly the world I’m trying to find that out.

“Mentally I found this a really tough challenge. It was the furthest I’ve ever ridden and the longest time I’ve spent on a bike at almost 17 hours,” he said. “The dirt track was quite rough in places. All the lumps and bumps really sapped your energy, and I found myself dreaming of smooth tarmac roads.

“Half way up the final ascent my light broke. I had to ride the final two miles through the woods in total darkness. It’s a good job I’d already ridden the climb 67 times as the visibility was next to zero I could just about make out the difference between track and trees.”

Laurie added: “After three Everesting challenges in just over six weeks I’m looking forward to a rest. There are some good local time trials coming up with the Beacon Wheelers as well as some other events. I find it’s just as important to enjoy time on the bike as it is to push the limits now and again.”