Wrecked historic structurefaces an uncertain future

Date: Friday 22nd January 2016
The ruined state of the Brougham Old Bridge is clear to see.
The ruined state of the Brougham Old Bridge is clear to see.

WHILE progress is being made to repair and replace some of Eden’s damaged river crossings, the situation at Brougham Old Bridge, which has stood since the early 1800s, is looking far from certain, after part of it collapsed over theweekend.

John Slack, who is a farmer in the area, said someone knocked at his door at 11am on Sunday and said the bridge hadcollapsed, with a large piece falling from it.

Speaking to the Herald, he said even though the pier of the bridge had broken away, people were still using the crossing, and one person even took a pram over it despite closure signs being in place. He added: “It’s closed for a reason. Their crass stupidity isn’t helping themselves or the structure.”

A county council spokesman said: “The council is working hard to inspect bridges across the county and draw up a program of repairs.

“We’ve carried out an initial inspection of Brougham Old Bridge and now need to do a full inspection to assess the extent of damage and consider plans for repairs.”